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Online photo sharing since 1999


Micoi.com helps you share your photos online. There is no nishe, just share what you like. The main idea with this relaunch is to keep memories alive and give old Micoi users back control over their own images and memories. Of course we would love it if you want to upload something new and share it with the world. All content id shared with everyone who is a Micoi member. No secrets. The structure with albums gives you a chance to share your pictures in a context rather than just as a glimps. An album can represent a whole trip, a party or something you would like to group. Some content have been made public but most require you to be a member.


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The story

It started out during the IT-boom in the late nineties. A group of friends in Stockholm, Sweden was sharing these new "digital pictures" pictures with each other and anyone who was interested. Most people did not have digital cameras at the time but among those who had one Micoi quickly became popular place to upload and share memories. Micoi has brought us many friends and was a way of keep in contact before Facebook came in and drained most communities of their users.

Hacked :(

The reason Micoi was taken offline in 2011 was not Facebook. Our server got hacked and used by spammers to send spam emails. Most likely it had nothing to do with Micoi but we urge all users to change their passwords both on Micoi and on other webpages where you use the same email address. Most likely you have already done this with all these other services being hacked out there. We are sorry for this inconvenience. There is no indications that Micoi information has been used or spread.


All old photos, users and comments are still available in our new version av Micoi but we also threw in a few upgrades to make our community more user friendly and to give our old contributors more control over their pictures. There are some new sharing features. You can make albums public if you wish to share them with people who are not Micoi users. This also opens up for you to use Micoi to serve pictures to your blog. See “album settings” for each album. It also helps if you wish to share albums or pictures on Facebook. There is also a whole new notification section. This helps you and your friends to keep up with changes on Micoi. New pictures, comments, albums and more. We also tried to make everything more mobile friendly with our responsive design. There are also new routines when dealing with copyright and photographer credit. Let us know if you come across any bugs or if you have ideas for improvement. We have many ideas still to develop but we also felt we had to get the site out so they remain on the “todo”-list for now.

What lies ahead

We just wanted to reopen and give our users their memories back and leave them in control of their pictures. We have created a _Facebook group_ which you can join and hopefully find some old Micoi-friends. There are no NSA backdoors (that we know of) and we are not in any way the owner of the material you choose to upload. We just want to keep Micoi as a place where friends share pictures. No ambitions to become the new Facebook on your expense, however if Mark Zuckerberg comes by and hands us a billion dollars we will be total sellouts.

Public albums

Making albums publicly available is one of our new features. Here are the last 50 albums made public.