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Online photo sharing since 1999


Micoi.com helps you share your photos online. There is no theme, just share what you like.

All content is shared with everyone who is a Micoi member. No secrets. With our photo albums you can share your pictures in a context rather than just a glimpse. An album can represent a trip, a party or something you would like to group. Some content have been made public but to view most material being a member is required.

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What is this? (Help)

Micoi.com helps you share your photo albums. As a member you can also see all other members photos, make comments and friends among other things. This service is free of change and delivered "as is". We take no responsibility for making backups or monitoring user behavior. We do this in our free time. Actually mostly me, Michael "Mico" Uvnäs, but sometimes my friends help out too.

The story

It started out during the IT-boom in the late nineties. A group of friends in Stockholm, Sweden was sharing these new "digital pictures" pictures with each other and anyone who was interested. Most people did not have digital cameras at the time but among those who had one Micoi quickly became popular place to upload and share memories. Micoi has brought us many friends and was a way of keep in contact before Facebook came in and drained most communities of their users.

Relaunch after being hacked

The reason Micoi was taken offline in 2011 was not competition from Facebook. Our server got hacked and used by spammers to send spam emails. Most likely it had nothing to do with Micoi but we recommend that all users change their passwords both on Micoi and on other web sites. Most likely you have already done this with all these other services being hacked out there. We are sorry for this inconvenience. There is no indications that Micoi information has been used or spread but we cannot be sure.

The main idea with this relaunch is to keep memories alive and to get our users back in control of their memories. All old photos, users and comments are still available in this new version of Micoi but we also threw in a few upgrades to make our community more user friendly and to give our old contributors more control over their pictures.


We have a whole bunch of new sharing functions. Not just Facebook sharing. You can now make albums public if you wish to share them with people who are not Micoi users. This also opens up for you to use Micoi to serve pictures to your blog. Choose "Blog style folder" in your “album settings”.

There is also a new notification section to help you keep up with updated content and messages.

We also made everything more mobile friendly with responsive design.

Let us know if you come across any bugs or if you have ideas for improvement. We have many ideas still on the todo-list. Our priority is getting back online.

What lies ahead

We have no big plans for Micoi. We just want to be a nice photo sharing service for our old and new friends. We have no plans to steal your pictures or sell out.


Yes we use cookies. But not for tracking. Just to keep you auto logged in (if you want) and to keep track of your display-settings. Facebook is not following you around like most other sites but if you choose to share content via out Facebook-share we cannot avoid them littering your computer with cookies. We have inlined Google fonts in our local CSS to keep Google from snooping as well.

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However, if you wish to make friends, leave comments, see full size images etc. you have to be a Micoi.com member. Read more about Micoi.com and how to join below.